Our Experience


Tech-enabled brands require a nuanced, focused approach to storytelling that speaks both to a brand’s innovation and perspective.

We have deep experience turning challengers into leaders, and helping industry voices refine their narratives.


FinTech is fueling innovation, unlocking opportunities and building communities.

From niche offerings to the world’s largest investment firms, we take complex offerings and distill them for stakeholders.


The media landscape is flush with platforms pioneering the next evolution of entertainment, streaming, and advertising.

Our playbook positions leaders to establish their own corner, sustaining engagement across users, investors, partners, and talent.

Human Resources

Mission-driven platforms and tech-enabled partners are transforming the future of work.

We’re shaping how that offering is communicated and amplified, driving satisfaction and retention.


In every facet, the ability to deliver and receive healthcare is being upended, ensuring everyone has access to the care they need.

We take the technology and solutions being developed across the ecosystem and drive tailored communications that resonate.

Real Estate

Legacy organizations and emerging players alike are activating new frontiers for real estate, changing how we build, manage, and live.

Our customized approach allows brands to refine and position their offering for key decision makers and prospective customers.


Hirsch Leatherwood supports the communications of non-profit organizations and public benefit corporations across the landscape, always pro bono and most often the most rewarding work we do.